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wtf... and I havn't done anything here in forever
06.01.04 (10:30 am)   [edit]
Someone please explain to me what the fuck just happened here. Robin or somebody who I believe pretended to be Danni just got on under Robin's screen name on AIM and IM'd me saying some weird shit.. I know I should ask permission first.. but I'll just leave out the parts no one needs to see:
luvschool902000: hey
rshofblod2yurhed: hi
luvschool902000: how are you?
rshofblod2yurhed: tiredish
luvschool902000: why arent youin school?
luvschool902000: GUESS WHAT
luvschool902000: 5 bucks says you dont knoiw my name
rshofblod2yurhed: uhhh
rshofblod2yurhed: you wiin
luvschool902000: you hurt my feelings!
rshofblod2yurhed: Sorry
luvschool902000: whats my name
rshofblod2yurhed: Danni?
luvschool902000: yeppers
luvschool902000: hows my sexy doing today?
rshofblod2yurhed: Wow.. I don't mean to be rude... but I don't wanna hear that again
rshofblod2yurhed: and I'm just fine
rshofblod2yurhed: just a little tired
luvschool902000: i thought i was your friend? :-*
rshofblod2yurhed: you are
rshofblod2yurhed: I just don't wanna be called that
luvschool902000: im sorry my little lovey-dovey
rshofblod2yurhed: Ok wow
rshofblod2yurhed: Who the hell is this for real?
luvschool902000: :-*
luvschool902000: its me dude
rshofblod2yurhed: I'm starting to freak out a little
luvschool902000: why?
rshofblod2yurhed: I don't know
luvschool902000: ive had crush on you for like 3 months now
luvschool902000: do you like me?
rshofblod2yurhed: Not like that...
rshofblod2yurhed: As a friend yes
rshofblod2yurhed: but nothing more than that
luvschool902000: well, if you ever like need something more... im here
rshofblod2yurhed: um.. yeah
luvschool902000: would you ever have sex with me?
rshofblod2yurhed: I don't plan on having sex with anyone period for a long time... So.. no
rshofblod2yurhed: I don't plan on dating anyone for a while either
luvschool902000: you know, this conversation isnt happening
luvschool902000: but i love you dave
luvschool902000: i want you to have my body
rshofblod2yurhed: Ok seriously
rshofblod2yurhed: This whole conversation has been nothing but weird and totally unlike danni... who is this for real?
luvschool902000: going to get going... i want you to think about what i said
luvschool902000: im sorry
luvschool902000: if i was bothering you
luvschool902000: this conversation never happened
rshofblod2yurhed: yeah
rshofblod2yurhed: unfourtanetly it did
rshofblod2yurhed: who is this seriously
luvschool902000: bye
luvschool902000 signed off at 2:15:34 PM.

That just feels weird... Eek... I hate it when stupid stuff like this happens.. I'm freaking out now cause I feel like I'm being watched.. argh... :x

Whoa...been a looong while....
03.30.04 (4:59 pm)   [edit]
So what's up? Yeah, I dissapeared there for a while.

I've been a busy little bitch..I mean bee lately. Music, writing, other stuff. You name it. Well... I guess there is the part where I havn't been writing in here. My bad. I just saw it and was like, "holy crap, I should update!" Anyway, I'm still looking for a drummer and soon I'm probably just gonna look for a new band all together. So I'm workin on that. BAH!

Today at school was quite interesting. Lots of funny, little cleaning here and there....annnnd I think there was something about Connor's ears being used as speakers, but I missed that part. Went out for pizza after school today which I havn't done in god knows how long and I think Danni's in the hospital now. I think that's what she meant. But it's ok, because she's there for the better. Thank god. What else has been going on today?? Boredom otherwise I'd say. I got no idea what I'm doing anymore.. well I do.. But I really meant to write that I have no idea what to write anymore. There we go. Now that I've got that cleared up, I can go eat more pie. mmmm...moose tracks. lol.

Ahh! Pimpness....
03.12.04 (2:17 pm)   [edit]
So it's been decided that with my hat and my cape I look like I have the potential of being a pimp. The only thing more I could ask for is a cane...ugh, and a ticket out of this relationship with Danni. It's not like it's bad or anything, it's just I want out of it. I hate being in relationships. I feel like there is way too much to commit to. I just wanna be free to do whatever the hell I want. I told I didn't wanna hang out with her tonight or probably all weekend because I just wanna relax. Turns out I'm going to a dance of some sort tonight, Messiah Village tomorrow and then only really relax on Sunday, it's crazy...well..not really, but what are you gonna do, right? Someone help me out can I sabatoge the relationship or something like that without hurting her feelings????? GAH!! So crazy.

Wow I just realized it's been a whole week since I last updated this. Crazy. I can't think of anything else to write. See-ya when I see-ya.

03.05.04 (1:39 pm)   [edit]
So I guess I'm going out with her now. Something like that. ::awkward silence:: I never thought I'd see the day where I crossed this line, and that is..going out with someone without actually "going out" with them. I don't know how exactly to explain that, so...figure it out for yourself, bitches. I love her though so it's all good.... I guess. uhh.. ONWARD!

So this week itself was damn good. I decided to stop smoking pot and to stop sleeping with everyone cause I'm a god damned slut. Sadly according to god knows who, (Jack I think) "Thou who becometh a slut cannot unbecometh a slut". That's a verse from the bible we were writing about pimps and ho's...sluts and bitches, etc. I thought it was funny. Hm...that was forever ago. I wonder if that bible exists anymore. I'll have to rewrite that or something. I dunno. Damn. The good old days. lol.

It's Friday today. March 5th and I'm going to Reading to a camp renunion. The only one we'll have this year. Camp is more fun but camp reunion's kick a lot of ass, too. It should be fun though I can't remember the schedual for the life of me. I can't even spell that right. Scheduale...schedule... fuck it. Probably isn't a d in there anyway. CAMP RENUNION!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! About damn time, too, bitches. Well anyway before I bore the hell out of you even more, I'm gonna go pack my shit for that before I run outta time. See-ya Sunday...err...more like Monday I guess. Though I'll still freaking forget. Damn. Bye.

Whoa...I'm love...weird...ugh...
03.01.04 (2:09 pm)   [edit]
Yeah. I'm like "in love" with Danni. We can't seem to get enough of each other. Err...What's that supposed to mean? I don't wanna be in a relationship. Problem is I can't tell her that cause she'll be heartbroken. ::sigh:: There you go again doing things to benefit others again, Dave. I suppose I do that all to often when I'm on a roll. Yeesh. I gotta talk to Cass a.s.a.p. In the meantime, I'll just play this one by ear cause I do that anyway. God damned...ummm...monkey...stupids. Jesus. Anyway, other things are good. I'm doin music shit this month like...hella a lot. Gotta practice and get better and blah and more blah. I think I'm gonna stop smoking maybe, too. That oughta be a good thing to do, ya know, before my parents figure it out..and freak out over stupid shit. Plus it'd be two different conversations. Yeesh. That's it! Fuck this! I'm goin to Australia to chill for a couple days and shit. And by go to Australia I mean imagine myself there or something. So I'll go and figure shit out and come back and write about it cause that's why I have this thing I guess. Bye.

Feeling out of it. More umm...Shitty.
02.24.04 (8:10 pm)   [edit]
Yeah. Couldn't take to look at myself much last night after a while so I decided to just hate myself like I do and I ended up cutting myself. Man that's fucked up. I almost threw up last night too. Not quite sure what that was about...not sick or nothin. Anyway, today was blah. Went to school walked around for a good 10-15 minutes and then went and wrote a song. It was basically about how I just don't give a shit anymore and the chorus was something along the lines of "excuse me while I kill myself" which my sorry ass stole from some other song....go figure. I song what I had so far of it for Kristen and she said she liked it except for the part about killing myself. I told her maybe I'd make a change or two but the chorus might have to stay the same since I was at a loss for anything else. So we had somewhat of band practice today and then she left and went to the library. I walked around all day feeling down cause I hate life. Fuckin where does all the bullshit end? When do I get mine? Will I ever? ::sigh:: Probably not. At least I still have my koshka and my sabaka with me in my gastineyea in my silly little doms switching back and fourth between mama and papa. It's good fun, bitches. Well I'm off to do something else like hopfully sleep and not cut myself or inflict pain on myself at all. Maybe I'll just write a song or something...Though sleep sounds really good right about now. Da svedonya. And have a great day tomorrow.

What the fuck?
02.23.04 (5:41 pm)   [edit]
Sorry about that. Pressed enter and it was like, "PUBLISH!" I was like, "Christ all mighty" and then I'm back. Whoa.

Been a while since I last published something I think. Since at least friday or something. or wait...I don't remember. It felt like a while. Anyway, Saturday I went out again with Kristen. We went to the mall, Juice and Java and then drove around forever looking for something to do? We didn't really find anything. After I got home I watched tv and then I went to bed. Sunday I did nothing and blah blah blah!

Today was pretty good. Made up a song with Kristen, played around on the guitar, ate some pizza and I'm apparently an asshole and I just realized it today. Anyway, I feel like shit though I've been telling people otherwise. Just wearin my happy face I guess. Fuck it. Well I'm gonna go either die now or eat myself to death. Bye.

Whoa. Been a while.
02.23.04 (5:31 pm)   [edit]

::happily sighs::
02.20.04 (8:45 pm)   [edit]
I feel happyish. Kira's ok, Keith and Robin hopfully are gonna realize how good they are for each other, mom's got a new friend from online, I started my guitar lessons and Paula's got a new guy. Good for them all and I. Only thing left I could ask for is an acoustic-electric or a 12-string guitar to play while I write some songs for my next cd I plan on making sooner or later or whatever. I think I'm tired. I don't know. Wark. hehe. Chocobo. Anyway, I think that my guitar playing is getting better cause I semi-made two songs earlier that sounded kind of like a mix between Audioslave and something else maybe... or maybe it was my imagination. I don't freaking know. Damn I want some sex....errr...did I say that out loud? Err... I meant six of spades. Yeah, that's it. I think I might be going out tomorrow night with probably Kristen, but I don't know yet. It kind of depends on what happens tomorrow. Wether she gets the car or not and wether or not she or me feel like doing something anyway. Damn Eli and Richard and their not getting us tickets to see Guster cause it was sold out. Damn it! GAH! Want...Guster....Need....Guster...!!!!
Screw it. I'm gonna go do something like sleep. I'm pretty tired. Goodnight.

Confusion...uh...sort of...
02.16.04 (2:33 pm)   [edit]
Ok, ok. So I got freaked out last night and while I was writing here earlier I accidently pushed the X button at the top of the screen, and I was like...AHHH!! NO!!!! So I don't remember what I was writing, and I don't think it even matters. So fuck it.

Today was weird/crazy/great/awesome like whoa. I had a hell of a lot of energy and I still do. WEEEE!!! I did that a lot today. Oh well. I got to chill with J.D. and Richard and we played our instruments crazy style. It kicked so much ass. AWESOMENESS GALORE!!!!!! Then I did something else and ran around a little bit, chased a groundhog I thought was real and ended up being my imagination. Suck. And I hung out with some people I don't normally hang with. It was fun. Then I came home and did nothing...which I'm still doing. I think I might call up somebody and be like, "Let's do something" and then we do something or whatever. That or go do nothing. I don't know. BAH!!!

In the great words of Jack, "Give me the pain killers or I'll kill you with....pain..." Yeah I know, sad quote, but it was kinda funny at the time. lol. I'm out for now. WEEEE!!!!

I want my Monday and some Guster.....
02.15.04 (7:06 am)   [edit]
So it's Sunday. Skipped church, skipped breakfast, wanna skip everything else that's not fun. I want it to be Monday so I actually have people to talk to. I don't really like talking to people here at home. It gets boring after a while. Not to mention I can't do the same things that I do with my friends. Damn. MONDAY!!!!!!! I gotta sit through dad's birthday dinner first, since it'll be ever so interesting.

So last night I went out with Kristen, since she finally got her lisence, ::cheers:: and we were gonna go to Voodoo, but we were both like, "It looks kind of scary down there", so we were trying to decide what to do. It was either go to this other thing at Trindle Bowl, or help Kristen's friend Amanda get back at her "boyfriend".... Hmmm.... Choices. So we went to help Amanda get back at him for being an ass, etc. So we fucked up his car with maxi-pads and put shaving cream and napkins all up in his driveway. It was awesome. Ok, ok, so it is kind of a little something that is probably against the law...but...fuck it. He deserved it. Bastard.

Anyway, my dad asked me what we did last night and I told him we just caroused cause the Voodoo looked scary. He said something kinda weirdly and I'm now under the impression that he doesn't really trust me. I don't know why he wouldn't. I'm a good kid other then the bazillion stupid things I've done in the past 3 or 4 years now. yeesh. Screw it, I'm still tired and I want it to be Monday... I WANNA JAM WITH J.D. ON THE DRUMS!!! It's gonna be totally awesome!!!!!!! But for now I must do what I do best and act like I don't know what's going on. Hey, it gets things done. Bye bye.

Is it Monday yet?
02.14.04 (10:58 am)   [edit]
I want it to be Monday so bad. I can't do anything this weekend cause there's nothing to do. I've been working, yeah, but work gets done eventually. So now I'm sitting here talking to Allie, whom I feel loved by among most people. That's a story for another time though. Hey, whoa! It's valentine's day. I have no one to share it with...umm.. wait, I don't even care. So..ummm...go candy...err... I have no food at all!! AHH!!! I had ice cream for lunch. Yeah, the healthiest thing on the planet. ::shakes head:: Why can't I have food? Why can't either of my parents grocery shop these days. Yeesh. If I had a job with good pay I'd buy my own food. But sadly, no job, no money, no food. ::tear:: Well, I think dad is home, sooo...I'm gonna go complain. Bye.

::sigh:: Happiness...
02.13.04 (6:22 am)   [edit]
Well, I feel happy at this moment in time. I just read an old friends online journal and they seem to be doing great as well. I'm happy for them. I wish we were still friends and I guess we could be, but sadly, we are not. ::tear:: At least we're both happy. I would hate to see em hurtin. Even if I'm not still a friend.

School was ummm...A little crazy yesterday I guess. First Wells frikkin pissed me off because he seems to be to stupid to realize what a fucking joke is! FUCK! Sorry. It just really pissed me off. I'm let the other reasons for why he pissed me off yesterday go, of course, that's only because I can't remember them. Oh well. But fucking with my joke just pissed me off. Bastard. Otherwise school was ok. I went to some of the SwellCom meeting yesterday, I meant to stay for the whole thing but something triggered something in me that made me get up and leave. After I left I was hanging out in the kitchen talking to Robin and Keith and I think Angelina might have been there. Oh and dee, too. I forget what we were talking about but I think it was slightly interesting I guess. Later on for some reason Robin gave me a hug and it felt good. I hadn't been hugged by anyone else other than Danni and probably dee all day, so, it just felt good. :D I feel happy today too, and that's just grand. I gotta go do stuff. More updatin later, man.

02.11.04 (9:56 am)   [edit]
:x I don't get it anymore, man. It doesn't make sense. It's like she doesn't realize that hurts me. She doesn't seem to know that, "Fuck you" meant thank you for pissing me off and hurting my feelings. It was honest mistake that I grabbed her by the ankle rather than the fucking leg. Jesus! I'm so pissed off but mostly sad right now. I hope she just fucks off the rest of the day. Damn it. Geez, I gotta stop ranting and raving now. Must...get.. back... to....anything that'll keep my mind off the whole thing for a little while anyway. Goodbye for now. :(

Yeesh. I can never sleep.
02.10.04 (8:19 pm)   [edit]
I'm still up tonight without a sense of tiredness..but, it is only 11 soo...I might still get sleepy early...doubtful though. :(

Today was.. umm... Different. I liked it, but, for some reason I felt angry near the end of the day when I left. I don't know why I felt angry, but I did. That's over though I think... Whatever it was. I don't remember doing much, gave Robin a hard time like I usually do, talked to a bunch of people, ate, talked to people some more, yadda yadda. Then I came home and sat on the couch and talked to my mom for about half an hour or so, then went upstairs to record some songs, then ate dinner, and then recorded some more and then watched home videos, which brings me to this moment. So.....yeah. Nothing overly interesting. Same old rutine. Woohoo. I don't know. I'm not tired but feel kinda bored. Uhhh...Your mother? Sure, why not. Damn, I need a job. See-ya later.

::sigh:: I'm so happy....
02.09.04 (3:40 pm)   [edit]
I'm so damn happy and I still don't know why. And am I a slut/something else for having a crush on three different people? Probably not, but I have a crush on Danni, Robin and I think maybe Allie. ::shudders:: I don't think it's meant to be with me and Allie, but I got a crush on it.

So anyway, here's the weekend thing, man.

Saturday I had some fun during the day and then went out with Allie to see Big Fish. And that was so much fun. Sunday I went to Danni's and spent all afternoon there. It was the best time I think I've ever had in the past two months or so. I love Danni. She's so great. I wish I could go back and do it again. I ate dinner with her and her family and it was actually really good. Then I went home and watched the grammy's. Skip that though. Gah.

Today was good up til I went to leave the pizza shop. I don't think I trust Richard anymore. I don't know why, or how it all happened, but I don't feel I trust him anymore. Geez. Damn it, Dave. Get with it. I gotta go do some work. See-ya later.

Woo. Finally Monday.
02.09.04 (6:15 am)   [edit]
Well, it's finally Monday and I'm sitting in my house waiting to leave for the bus, which is in about 20 minutes or so..or rather like 5 or 10 when I'm done with this...maybe...or not...who really knows?

Last night was the Grammy's. Everything kicked ass except for when it ended because that was like...damn, time for bed. lol. Damn dude, Coldplay won Song Of The Year. Ohhhh yeah man. And Outkast won Album Of The Year, no surprise there. Why couldn't like, The White Stripes win? Oh yeah, because Outkast kicks a ton of ass. hehe.

So I guess I should go to school though I could really give a damn less today. I feel like just playing music...and that's what I'm gonna do! (Thank god for TCS). I'll just do that all day...ummm and probably sleep a little more, too. I'm kinda tired still. Oh well. I probably won't feel sleepy later, so, it's all good. I'll be back later to post one for the weekend. Quite crazy, like me. See-ya. :D

Grrr....12 string....
02.05.04 (5:27 pm)   [edit]
I need a 12 string guitar o bad right now. It just sounds like the right guitar to fit my mood. Unfourtanetly I'm broke and can't buy one yet. Damn! I want one so bad. I guess my acoustic would be enough but it needs new strings and I left it at school. Damn! Ok, ok, so I still have my electric but it's starting to get old now, it's not right for my mood, I want something acousticy...preferrably a 12 string. ::sigh:: Oh well, I guess I shall wait til tomorrow when I feel the need to rock out on Mike's Les Paul. I love that thing. I was actually looking at some this evening while talking online, but again I'm broke...::tear::I was thinking about just going over to Triple R tomorrow, but I don't know if mom will take me soooo.... I might just bring home my acoustic and play that.

Anyway, today was sort of great. I was extremely tired though so I was having a hard time staying up mid-day. Ugh. I kinda wanna go to bed now actually, but I dunno, I need a 12 string Anyway, I was in the kitchen I think and I was talking to someone and then I just stopped listening for some reason. I guess cause I was tired.

I'm happy, and I'm still not sleepy.
02.04.04 (6:19 pm)   [edit]
Seems as though there's no sleep for me. I'm so happy about so many things yet I can't sleep. Nothing seems to be wrong at all. ::sigh:: Oh well, maybe I'm just an insomniac. Who knows?

Today was great! I got to school regular time today. So many people were in school today, it was crazy. I got to jam in the music room on the guitar with Cole and J.D. on percussion and it kicked major bootay. I wish we could do that more often, it's just so much fun.

So above all I'd have to say Games Night was the highlight of my night. I got to eat free food, play some really great games, and chat a whole heck of a lot with a couple people. Of course there was the part where I got semi-yelled at by Robin and sort of J.D. for eating pizza at No Name before coming for dinner there, but I managed to make Robin happy by eating some delicous spagetti, and about half of my garlic bread. Ok, so I guess she really could've cared less wether I ate any or not, but she was real cool about it, she even sent some to me via Johanna who came upstairs and just randomly handed a plate of spagetti to me. I was, "Wow. Thanks." This kind of just dawned on me but, umm... Doesn't it seem like I may possibly have a small crush on Robin? Yikes, that's scary. She probably doesn't even think of me when I'm not around. When I am around she's probably wondering what kind of trouble I'm gonna pull. Err...I mean... I don' all. heh. Anyway, it's all good. Maybe I'm just going through one of those phases or something. Ugh. I hate those. Though she is really attractive in my opinion. Seriously. Well anyway, good talking to you again. See you soon...haha. That's a Coldplay song. hehe..

Do nothing.
02.03.04 (3:24 pm)   [edit]
It's time to do nothing. I worked all freaking day and if I'm not already tired enough, I've just become even more tired. Go figure right? No, no, I'm not complaining, I'm just... Remenissing perhaps? I don't know. I probably spelled that wrong, too. Screw it. Anyway, after last night me and Kristen havn't said a thing to each other all day. Oh yeah, last night she got pissed and I got pissed and we got pissed at each other and we were like, "Fine. That's it! Bye!" or something to that effect and then we both havn't talked since then. ::sigh:: Go figure. I can't do anything about it, and in my opinion it was really both our faults and I think I wanna apologize because we were both asses about it. I don't know. Well, Kristen, if somehow you're reading this I'm sorry, and I hope we can still be cool later on. Damn, that's the second time this week somethings gone wrong. Thankfully Danni apologized...I think again though, it was kind of both our faults, but hey, what are ya gonna do right? I think I'm just gonna take it easy for now and stay out of AIM for that's where both things happened. Maybe life will be better without AIM. Who knows. All I know is that I feel like playing the guitar, and that's what I'm going to do. Soooooo... Get out of my face. (Not literally, I was being sarcastic). Ya'all come back now, ya hear? :D

I feel sort of refreshed
02.01.04 (5:58 pm)   [edit]
It's true. I do feel slightly refreshed after that little event there with Danni. I hope she's ok though. I wrote about a 2 page story on my take of emotions because I've been studying them for about a year now. Anyway, I got a lot of crap to do and can't think of anything to actually write here...soooo.....Bye

Argh. Feel the need to write.
01.31.04 (8:49 am)   [edit]
I feel like writing. And I can't stop thinking. I don't feel confortable right now. I just can't think straight enough to work on my music at all. I just want everything to stop.. If only for just an hour. That would be great. I'm not angry. I'm not sad or even fustrated. I'm just uncomfortable for some reason. Yeesh. I don't know. Crazy, crazy, crazy. And if you havn't been able to tell already, music is my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way either except that I can't think straight enough to work at the moment. Maybe all I need to do is get some food...or take a walk...err... way too cold for that. nvm. I should just catch a ride to the mall for an hour or so and walk around a bit or something.. I really feel like taking a walk...ugh....!!!!!!
Going nuts with all the thoughts racing through my brain. Come back later.

01.30.04 (2:50 pm)   [edit]
It's finally Friday. And I'm back at dad's. Crazy, huh? No. Not really. Anyway, since it's this Sunday I belive is the first of Feb., I decided to bring in the new month with a bang! This Monday, (Feb. 2nd) I'm makin brownies and doin some fundraisin for the Music Corp. at school. It's gonna be kickass. I so can't wait! It's gonna be awesome. This week I also plan to do some extra work with my music. Thank God I'm at mom's this Monday and Friday, I might just do some recording... I hope anyway. I can't wait to get to school Monday as well since J.D. is starting this week. He's the man. And it's gonna be awesome when he gets here. Everything is gonna be just fine afterall. ::sigh of relief:: I thought it would never end. Anyways, I got some junks to do...and I just fit this whole thing in one paragraph it seems. Wow. There's two things weird from today. First twenty dollars and now this being unorganized sort of thing and lovin's crazy....Or I'm crazy. Whichever... Hell, both. Hehehehehehe...... Catch ya later!

Hmph. No school today. What crap!
01.26.04 (5:23 am)   [edit]
Just get the E-mail that I don't have school today, soo... I guess I'll just sit here in the living room with the radio on, playing my gameboy, wishing I had school cause I'ma be really bored all day. *tear*

On a much happier note my semi-anger managment thing is working great. I havn't wanted to seriously kill someone in almost two weeks. It's grrrreat! Wow I can't stand Tony the tiger. Then again, I can't really stand Corn Flakes... Assuming that's the name of his cereal of course. Either way, I don't like it. I like Reeses Puffs. That stuffs good. But enough with the cereal. On to other things and whatnot.

I watched the Golden Globes last night. It was great. Angels in America picked up a lot of awards and sadly, Will and Grace picked up none. *tear* I love that show. My mom said she saw Angels in America. She liked it. It's apparently about the AID's crisis moogle. I wanna see it, but I'm not sure it's on HBO anymore. Unless they released it on vid or dvd. Oh well. OOOO!!! I wanna help the people get the cure for AID's! I want it to go away forever! And when it does, I'll be so happy! YAY!

Anyway, that's got a ways to go. I'll be waiting. School's closed and tomorrow doesn't look so good.

I yi yi...Where'd I get sucked in?
01.25.04 (7:59 am)   [edit]
Sucked in. Is that the right right one? I guess. Anyway, I don't know how I'm still sucked in to this thing with Keith. It's all him now yet he still wants my help on something I've already tried to help him with. I hope he just doesn't do anything I would've done.

Let's see here.... In better news, I finally got back into Lisa's band. It's about time I did, too, or I would've gotten screwed otherwise. Me, in no band, is not good. So anyway, I'm not sure we have an actual name yet, though I think her and Mike were leaning towards Ebola, but we're gonna be an alternitive rock band. Gotta love it though, what with all the great songs we'll create. Lol...Guinie Pig....hehehe... Anyway, I think I'm gonna go find some batteries, my gameboy's almost out of power. Check ya later.